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DJ Enterprises projects moderate expansion for the upcoming calendar year in hopes of encouraging forecasts for sustained economic growth. Coupled with that strength, proposed additions would include up to two new 5 axis VMC's with 4th & 5th axis upgrades for our two Okuma MC-V4020's.

Investment in advanced technology would also remain on par for expanded rapid prototyping capabilities. Adding PolyJet process to our existing FDM printing capabilities would represent a significant push forward with additive manufacturing potential.

Through the use of newly acquired hardware and software, the implimenation of 3D System's advanced technology simplifies the task of reverse engineering. A Blue Light LED scanner driven by GeoMagic's Capture software will soon be online providing yet another quality service rarely found in comparable establishments.

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6801 Commerce Ave,

Ste H

El Paso, TX 79915

Phone: (915) 775-1191

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